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Model 402 Gravity Feed Metal Detector 

System 402 is a drop-through metal detection system which incorporates a reject gate for powders, granules and other free-flowing solids.

This system features high sensitivity, high throughput and is compact in size; it comes in 2-1/2", 5" and 7-1/2" ID tubes, and is also available in rectangular configurations. Both the reject chute and frame are stainless steel. The inspection chute going through the metal detector is made from polypropylene, nylon or UHMW, depending on the application. This system is available as USDA approved as well as rated for hazardous locations.

Goring Kerr gravity feed systems are designed to minimize system space, and product waste while insuring maximum sensitivity to all metals. Offering a wide range of stock systems along with custom designs we can supply a 402 system for any application.

Benefits of 402 Gravity Feed Systems

  • High sensitivity

  • Automatic rejection of contaminated product

  • Compact design

  • Straight through flow design. No crevices or traps

Technical Advantages

  • Fast acting electronics

  • Comprehensive self diagnostic system

  • Single reject confirmation within +/- 2 ms

  • Dual reject confirmation within +/- 2 ms

  • Automatic noise compensation


  • Reject confirmation

  • Available in USDA Meat & Poultry or Dairy

  • Available USDA construction for Dairy applications

  • Hazardous location ( Class 2, Division 1 & 2 )

  • DSP Net automatic data collection software for your PC

  • Antistatic product tube

  • Reject position sensors for PLC monitoring

  • Available automatic or manual test retrieval system

  • Available slide out rejects for easy cleaning

Design Considerations
Free fall of product.

Three key factors are used to determine whether a system will react in time to reject the metal contamination:

  1. Distance between search head and reject valve

  2. Response time of electronics and air operated components

  3. Free fall of product

Item 1) On Goring Kerr's standard systems this spacing is as great as possible within the overall height.

Item 2) The electronics and mechanical configuration have been designed to respond as quick as possible

Item 3) The free fall height is the only variable on the standard system and must be within the specified dimension. If you can not do this the only option is to increase the dimension in item 1. This would then increase the overall dimension of the system.

Testing Procedure
When testing a gravity feed system, it is very important that the test sample travels at the same speed as the product. In order to verify the response time of the reject gate, metal must be introduced at the same point where the product starts itís vertical fall. Allowances must be made to retrieve the test sample, even if it fails to be rejected. Low air pressure or sticky solenoids are typical reasons for failing this test. Short air lines, high speed solenoids with quick exhaust air fittings, or increased distance between the metal detector and the reject gate will improve response time. The metal detectors fault system can be extended to monitor the operation of the reject gate. With this option, hall effect sensors mounted on the reject air cylinder verify the response time for every detection signal. Rejected product should be periodically examined to verify that metal contaminants are actually leaving the system. This will build confidence in your metal detector while isolating possible false rejects.


Contaminant Detection

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Product Inspection Services

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